Caltrans is set to release new and improved plans for construction on the W-X Freeway.

Caltrans Spokewoman DeAnna Shoopman says they will start renovation on Highway 50 -- between W and X Streets -- two weeks earlier than originally planned and keep more lanes open during construction.

Why the switch?

"It's coming from the public," Shoopman said. 

The project and the massive backups it would likely cause had come under fire from community groups, even law enforcement. Some ambulance drivers were worried they'd be delayed on the way to calls.

"That's a major priority to us," she said. 

Full details for the new plans will be released tomorrow. However, we do know that any plans for a total traffic shift from one side of the freeway to another are gone, but even so you can still expect delays from April 22 to June 25.