The California Rifle and Pistol Association is accusing Gavin Newsom of "shamelessly exploiting" the San Bernardino terror attack to promote his plan for gun restrictions, and so he can get himself elected governor.

In an e-mail campaign launching Friday, the association will tell supporters that, "[this] proposition is the biggest threat to gun rights in California in more than 30 years." 

Newsom's initiative, the Safety for All Act, will require owners of large capacity magazines to get them out of California, sell them to licensed dealers or give them up to the police.

He will need just under 366,000 valid petition signatures to qualify for the ballot, and reportedly he is about a quarter of the way there with a deadline of May 13 to file.

Richard Grenell is a spokesman for the opposition campaign, and he tells the Los Angeles Times that Newsom is attempting to paint gun owners with a broad brush as "old white guys." Grenell insists the California Rifle and Pistol Association is a diverse organization. He says, for example, that he is gay.

Grenell claims the Safety for All Act will do nothing for public safety.