Lawmakers took a break from their daily routines today for a little fun on the Capitol lawn. 

The event is the unofficial kickoff to the upcoming Calaveras County Fair's Jumping Frog Jubilee... and this year's winner, "Larry B 2.0" was jockeyed by Democratic Assembly member Cheryl Brown... who made great improvements since the 2013 competition.

'I was so afraid last year and what I've done is I've conquered the fear and God has blessed me so that now I'm in the lead,' Brown says. While the San Bernadino Democrat's frog traveled 10-feet 11-inches for the top prize, the Senate Republicans and CalTrans tied for the shortest jump at 3-feet-4 inches.

Your's truly saw his two year reign as media champion come to an end. I finished second among the journalists this time around as an excited Jack Zwald of the Capitol Morning Report made off with the trophy.

Inspired by the writings of Mark Twain, the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee will be held May 15-18 in Angels Camp.

See the photos below:

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