No DUI arrests were made during a drunken and drug-impaired driving checkpoint Saturday in Lake Tahoe's North Shore, but several other arrests were made. 

More than 600 cars were screened at that checkpoint.

Auburn Police Officer Chris Forman, who manages the Placer County Avoid the 7 DUI Task force, says that is typical.

He says it depends on how many cars come through the checkpoint. But he says arresting drunk drivers is not the purpose of the check point. 

"The purpose of the DUI checkpoint is actually to increase the awareness to the general public, that drinking and driving is not acceptable and that the best thing to do is to create an alternative plan other than drinking and driving," Forman said. 

Two arrests were made for driving without a license Saturday night at the Tahoe check point. You might think people would try to avoid it if they knew they didn't have a valid license. 

"I truly believe some people don't realize it's a DUI checkpoint, they think it might be road construction, or they're hoping that they will be able to 'Oh, I forgot my wallet at home' kind of thing," Forman said. 

Forman say there are two DUI checkpoints scheduled for this weekend in Lincoln on Friday and in Rocklin on Saturday, and officers will be offering information about the dangers of impaired driving and asking to see a valid license.