Sports-related brain injuries have become all too common over the course of recent football seasons and, with a new year of games kicking-off tonight, it's good to know that the California Interscholastic Federation is looking out for the safety of student-athletes.

The CIF again has a concussion rule in place, according to Communications Director Will DeBoard.

"Our officials are trained to keep an eye out. And if there are any players out there exhibiting any sort of concussion type symptoms, they're going to be removed from the game and they aren't going to be able to return until a doctor has basically cleared them," DeBoard said.

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DeBoard says the CIF has also partnered with local doctors who are giving the athletes baseline-tests.

"It measures their reaction time, their memory -- that sort of thing -- when they don't have a concussion. And then when they're suspected of a concussion they're tested again, and the doctors are able to tell if these kids are still affected," he said. 

DeBoard says the CIF is continually working to keep athletics as safe as they can for all student-athletes.