A Citrus Heights neighborhood is back to normal after law enforcement agencies destroyed explosive materials found inside a home. 

"It's scary. It's unnerving," one neighbor said. 

Residents are recalling the situation that kept them inside their homes for hours.

Citrus Heights Police, the Sheriff's Department and the FBI were all working together in assessing the potential danger after firefighters were called out to a kitchen fire and made the discovery. 

A man who lives in a neighboring duplex with 25-year-old Cale Crase tells News10 he was not aware of what was allegedly going on on the other side of the wall they shared.   

"He was an intelligent guy. I guess some people are too smart for their own good," he said. 

The explosive materials were destroyed with controlled detonations.

Crace's mother says her son is a science geek who meant no harm.

Crace is facing several charges including being in possession of a destructive device.