Citrus Heights Police are asking for your help in solving a two-week old murder,

Two weeks ago, a disabled Sacramento man got off a bus on Greenback Lane near Birdcage Street.  For no apparent reason, someone came up from behind and started beating the man.

49-year old Christopher Sorgani died four days later. 

Photo courtesy of Citrus Heights Police Department

Detective Chad Morris said this particular murder case is unusually peculiar,

"What's odd to us is, it doesn't appear the motive was robbery in this case.  He had no missing personal belongings.  It appears that he just was a target and was brutally beaten."

Detective Chad Morris says the man was a hard-working, likable man, who held a master's degree.  

Investigators have returned to the area this afternoon for additional follow-up.  They're passing out flyers and looking for anyone who might have seen the beating.  

If YOU know anything about it, you're asked to contact the Citrus Heights Police Department.