Civic and city leaders want to prevent Ferguson-like trouble from happening in Sacramento, and they've begun public meetings meant to do just that.

What Mayor Kevin Johnson hopes will the be first of several forums on the subject of relations between police and citizens took place last night in Oak Park.

The mayor says if Sacramento wants to honor the memory of the black teen shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri, officer "we have to do our part..."

"To create the right environment, to create this fair and just environment," Johnson said. 

Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers says it's important to engage the community now, while people are motivated to talk about this issue.

"A month later, you have that same meeting, you want to do it, and you get about 12 people showing up. And that's the big problem," he said. 

Still, some at the forum said they felt like young people weren't being heard in the discussion of relations between police and citizens.