A unanimous vote by the Sacramento City Council has passed new regulations that will bring changes to the taxi industry.

The city council approved new rules that will force taxi drivers to meet stricter requirements.

Those new changes include taking an exam to test proficiency in English, counting change, knowledge of Sacramento's geography and would force drivers to wear professionally appropriate clothing. 

Kazman Zaidi, head of the Sacramento Taxi Cab Union, says he's worried more regulations will hurt his industry that's already seen a loss in business from car services such as Lyft and Uber. 

"We cab drivers are basically barely surviving," Zaidi said. 

However, Councilman Steve Hansen says these new regulations should help solve problems that he's heard before.

"People getting lost, people having other things happen. And I really do believe, that a well-regulated profession, will make everybody better off," Hansen said. 

The new regulations cap the number of taxis downtown to 450 vehicles.

City officials say they hope these new changes will help ease tensions between taxi drivers from unregulated competition.