With National Sunshine Week just days away, Sacramento City Council will look at changing the way it discloses major contracts to the public at tonight's meeting.

Currently, the city must list all contracts more than $1 million on its website 10 days before they take any action. 

"What this would do, would strip from public view the opportunity to get advanced copies of major contracts that have significant, financial, long-lasting impact on the city," Craig Powell with Eye on Sacramento said. 

Eye on Sacramento is a government watchdog group. Powell says, City Council is expected to vote on contracts for the new downtown arena within the next few weeks, which is why these proposed changes are troubling.

"It will deprive the public and the media of the opportunity to scrutinize their deal, to see if the terms are fair to the city, fair to the taxpayer," he said. 

City spokeswoman Amy Williams says the city already meets the required 72 hour notice before a city council meeting, and the council is looking at whether the extra 7 days of review time are necessary.