The City of Sacramento could soon order a cut in water use by 20%, but how much is that?

Our dry condtions mean Folsom already has a reduction mandate in place and Sacramento's council will be considering one next week.  A 20% cut could mean about 83 gallons per household per day.

"If you're looking for a visual, you consider two bathtubs full of water," said Jessica Hess from the Department of Utilities.

She continued to say that most people can achieve the reduction by just watering lawns once a week.  Aerators for faucets and low-flow showerheads are also good options.  If you need help, call 311 for a water-wise housecall

"We come out to your home and help you look for ways to save water," said Hess.

Not to worry if you're a budget conscious conservationist, the housecalls are free of charge.

Spare the Water