Steve Ballmer is officially the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  

The sale of the team from the Sterling Family Trust to the former Microsoft CEO was finalized today.  

The NBA Board of Governors previously approved the sale and Ballmer is now the Clippers Governor.

The sale was orchestrated by wife Shelly Sterling after husband Donald was given a lifetime ban by the NBA for racist comments against African Americans.  

The league also urged Sterling to sell the team rather than be forced out as owner.

Ballmer is believed to have paid $2 billion for the NBA franchise.

Ballmer says he will be "hardcore" in giving the team, coach Doc Rivers, the staff and players the support they need.

Rivers calls it "an amazing new day in Clippers history," and says he's inspired by Ballmer's passion for the game.

Ballmer, Rivers and Clippers players will attend a new fan festival announced for next Monday at Staples Center.