Photo courtesy of Krista Keim 

The Sacramento area is helping a young Citrus Heights boy dealing with major illnesses.  

Nicholas Keim is just 7 years old, but he's not like most boys.  He has Down syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes.  His parents tell News10 it's been a struggle.

"It's been a struggle for all three of us -- learning curve -- you know, the highs, the lows. We have to count the carbs, measure out everything he eats," his parents said. 

Nicholas also has trouble communicating his condition to his parents, but via several fundraisers in Citrus Heights and beyond, the hope is to get enough money for a diabetic alert dog through the the National Institute of Diabetic Alert Dogs.  

The dogs are trained to detect and respond to changes in blood sugar. They have the potential to actually save lives.

Donate to help Nicholas, here.