One side claims it's about protecting adult film industry workers and public health, while the other side of a measure up for a vote tomorrow says it'll create a flood of lawsuits and push the industry underground.

Prop 60 supporters say if the makers of adult films followed the law requiring condom use, they'll have no worries about the potential for lawsuits allowed from any Californian if it passes.

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Yes on 60's Rick Taylor says it'll make producers pay for the every two-week disease testing for performers and pay for their medical costs instead of you if they get sick, since many have no health insurance.  "When we go to a construction site, we see people wear hard hats," Taylor says, "When we go to an adult film shoot, we ought to see people wear another type of helmet because we need to protect them, too."

Mike Stabile with No on 60 says it opens the major networks, cable companies and others to those lawsuits if there's any hanky panky on reality shows, "Even if you're not seeing actual sexual intercourse," Stabile says, "even if they're under a cover with a green screen, as you might see in a reality television contest, you have to prove that a condom was used." 

Stabile says their big concern is that this will push production underground, which he says will make it less safe for the performers and create a greater public health risk.