4th District Congressman Tom McClintock says Russian president Vladimir Putin's tactics are eerily familiar to any student of history.

Putin's move on Crimea, McClintock claims, is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler's decision to annex the Sudentanland, home to a German speaking population in western Czheckoslovokia.

"The problem was because it was unresisted it lead to another annexation and then another and another" the Congressman said.

McClintock says unless the US and western Europe react with economic sanctions, Putin may extend his aggression across more of Europe.

"...but I tell ya, with all the focus on the Ukraine, what disturbs me even more is the Russian activity in the Western Hemisphere.  They're attempts to establish a military presence now in Cuba and Venezuela is a direct affront to the Monroe Doctrine," said the Congressman.

President James Monroe's view that any attempt by European nations to interfere with states in North or South America are acts of aggression requiring US intervention.