Are you beer drinker? Don't say your congressman hasn't done anything for you lately.

Nine California delegates, including Democrat John Garamendi and Republican Doug Lamalfa, have saved microbreweries a lot of cash by urging the FDA to back away from some new regulations. Companies like Sudwerk and Sierra Nevada regularly offer up spent grains to cattle farmers, but ...

"The FDA said, nope, you can't do that.  You've gotta dry it, you've gotta package it, you've gotta analyze it, you gotta put it in a bag, and THEN feed it to the cattle," said Garamendi.

They wanted better monitoring but critics say the process would be an unnecessary expense and that feed would just end up in landfills. There are 2,800 craft brewers across the country,

"all of them affected by the same dumb regulation," added Garamendi.

Not anymore, however, so cheers.