The production company behind the "Cops" television show confirms that a crew member was killed when police opened fire on a robbery suspect.

Police say the shooting happened Tuesday night after officers interrupted a robbery at a fast-food restaurant in midtown Omaha. Police say an officer saw a man robbing the restaurant about 9:20 p.m. and called for backup.

No officers were hit, and police said no other suspects are being sought.

Langley Productions spokeswoman Pam Golum says Bryce Dion is the crew member who died.

Police said today that the suspect's handgun was found to be and airsoft gun. This means that Dion was hit and killed by friendly fire. 

The officers who fired their weapons have been placed on paid administrative leave. 

The shooting incident is hitting close to home at the Sacramento Police Department.

Sgt. Michele Gigante says the show's production crew has been to Sacramento several times.

"They're just fantastic. They're part of our law enforcement community, almost. It was hard to hear this morning," Gigante said. 

Gigante says the "Cops" crew knows the drill.

"It's almost like having a partner, but they're a step behind. They're there to capture the event, not get involved in the event," she said. 

She notes the "Cops" crew has spent up to eight weeks in Sacramento getting to know officers during production.