Investigators continue to look into the crash of a stunt plane at Travis Air Force Base on Sunday and if a quicker response time could have saved the life of the pilot.

Videos show the aftermath of the crash of the Stearman biplane at the Thunder Over Solano Air Show. They also shows the plane slowly becoming engulfed in flames as it takes emergency responders almost five minutes to reach the crash scene. 

FAA regulations state that any vehicles and spectators must be at least 500 feet away from any air show stunts. However, witnesses say that emergency responders were well beyond that, stationed behind the crowd

Eddie Andrieni, 77, was performing a maneuver called "cutting a ribbon" when the top of the plane skidded along the runway.

It did not catch fire right away but became fully involved before responders arrived.

The NTSB is looking to see if a quicker response time could have saved Andrieni's life.