Sacramento's local fire department says using drones would be a helpful tool in their efforts to fight fires. This comes just days after one drone nearly stopped all air-attacks on the Sand Fire. 

The Sacramento City Fire Department says using the new technology would give them a better vantage point where ordinary helicopters cannot. 

"It's still not the same as a drone just a couple of feet from whatever it is that you're trying to get a vantage point," Sacramento City Fire's Roberto Padilla said. 

Padilla says firefighters can use drones to get live feeds sent to their smartphones or tablets to assess any situation. 

However, there is a possible danger when using drones.

This past Sunday, a drone piloted by a civilian nearly stopped all air-attack operations over the Sand Fire. Padilla doesn't encourage anyone to use their own drones over fire, saying they need to be aware of how it may affect firefighting effort. 

"While as cool as it may seem to have exclusive video of a wild land fire. Things are gonna happen to make people realize, hey, I don't think that was such a great idea," he said.