This week has seen amazing survival stories of a runner and snowboarder lost in the back country. Could you make it a night alone?

Search and rescue teams say what happened to Bob Root and Abraham Finklestein can happen to any of us who are out in the Sierra or foothills.

If you get separated, or turned around, rule number one is to stay put.

"Sometimes they think they're one ridge over or going in a particular direction, when they're actually in the opposite direction," Lt. Kevin Borden with Placer County Search and Rescue said. 

Borden says it will be easier to find you if you're not moving.

And whether you're hiking, running, or in the snow, always take water and energy chews or glucose pills. It can all fit in an Altoid tin.

"Sometimes it's nice just throwing in a little pack of waterproof matches," he said. 

When its dark, get close to the ground, under brush or branches.