The signup deadline is just 10 days away and Covered California enrollments continue to grow.

Over 3.5 million Californians are now taking advantage of new coverage options as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

"Over 1.1 million folks have signed up for plans under Covered California under the new marketplace" said Anthony Wright of Health Access.

He added that because California has been ahead of the curve on health care that more than two million people have already been accepted and are being enrolled in MediCal.

"We did an early expansion of Medicaid, where 700,000 Californians had coverage prior to January 1, and then got shifted into full Medicaid coverage this year," explained Wright.

Almost 46,000 people in the Sacramento area had signed up for a plan through Covered California by the end of February, 160% of base projections for the entire six month enrollment period which ends March 31st.