It's the last day to get covered, but that's proving difficult on the state's health insurance exchange

A last-minute rush before tonight's deadline has slowed traffic on the Covered California website. Executive Director Peter Lee says they're troubleshooting and turning off some features. His advice:

'Open an account, start the application, and come back tomorrow or later this week to finish.'

You need to start applying by midnight, there's a grace period until April 15th for purchases. If things get really bad today, Lee says they may close off those purchases altogether and just concentrate on the basics. He says, 'We know that's not the ideal - we'd like people to be able to finish but we want to make sure people that want to enroll can get in the system.'

Each person enrolling needs to bring:

1) Proof of identity such as a photo ID, driver’s license or passport

2) Proof of address such as a piece of postmarked mail

3) Proof of income such as tax filings from 2012 or 2013 or the last 30 days of paystubs; and

4) Proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate, permanent resident card, or certificate of citizenship or naturalization.

Each person enrolling must also provide date of birth, social security number, and home ZIP code. It's being held at 1911 F Street in Sacramento.