There's more trouble now for a controversial candidate for district attorney in San Joaquin County.  

Jim Foroney says he was attacked by Gary Hickey at Hickey's home recently while asking the candidate for money he says is owed to a woman caring for Hickey's older brother.

"The man coming after me, hit me in the head. He came back and hit me from the side and hit me in the head with a shoe," Foroney told News10. 

Foroney says Hickey's attack was unprovoked, though police haven't come to a determination as to who is at fault.  

Hickey initially denied the attack, but later angrily admitted something happened.

"Is that newsworthy or do you want to talk about the issues in running for district attorney?" he said. 

Foroney says he thinks Hickey should be locked up and is an embarrassment to the county.