California is raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour in July -- and then again to $10 an hour in 2016. But a group of concerned citizens is looking to raise the minimum wage in Davis to $15 per hour.

Bernie Goldsmith with Raise the Wage Davis says it's a common sense issue that few seem to be willing to address.

"The reason why the economy is suffering is that the people that support it with their labor simply don't have enough money to participate in it as consumers," Goldsmith said. 

He says he's received positive feedback from city residents, and even a few council members. But the group has run into some resistance from the business community.

"It's not politically feasible to either alienate the low-wage workers in their community and help the businesses or alienate the businesses and help the low-wage workers," he said. 

The Davis Chamber of Commerce declined to comment at this time. KFBK has reached out to city council members for comment. 

After hearing public comment about raising the minimum wage during Tuesday night's council meeting, Mayor Joe Krovoza said he understands how businesses might feel blindsided.

"There are members of our business community who have expressed a willingness to consider this, but we just want to make sure that we go about it with the right process and with our eyes wide open," Krovoza said. 

For now, the mayor says this is not a council issue but just a public discussion.  

He adds that U.C. Davis will likely be asked to participate and provide data.