Day two of the Fix 50 project has gone more smoothly than day one, and drivers are saying it's because they're staying away from the construction zone.

People are adjusting to Fix 50 project and many say they're using alternate routes they mapped sometime ago...

"I did Google, yeah, so I don't know what it is exactly, but I will be going an alternate route that takes me off the freeway," said on commuter.

"I've lived in Sacramento for years, so I know quite a bit of the exit roads," said another.

Drivers saying they have multiples options in mind, but some are less sure about whether those alternates will hold when the westbound Fix 50 construction begins next month.

Besides the traffic, one of the other annoyances of Fix 50 is news helicopters overhead.  Residents in the Land Park area say the choppers have been up and buzzing as early as 5:30 a.m.  

Some news stations defended their use, saying it helped describe the commute of the first day of Fix 50.  Wednesday, the city of Sacramento sent an email to several news agencies thanking them for their coverage of the project to keep commuters informed, but requested that news helicopters be sent up later in the morning as to not awaken residents.