High Speed Rail and the Delta Water Tunnel project each only got a passing line in the Governor's speech.  Both are controversial and expensive.

Governor Brown called for further progress on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, a $25 billion dollar water tunnel project, but that was the only mention.

"We were surprised today what a passing small piece it was from the Governor," said Restore the Delta spokeswoman Barbara Barrigan-Parilla.

The $65 billion High Speed Rail project was brought up once, as part of a line that also mentioned electric cars.

"I'm not surprised that the Governor didn't speak extensively about high speed rail in his state of the state," said Thea Selby with Californians for High Speed Rail.

Selby said Governor Brown showed support when he dedicated 29% of cap-and-trade funds to the project.

You can listen to the entire speech (or read the transcript) by clicking here.