With three of four drivers convicted of DUI continuing to drive with suspended or revoked licenses, the Department of Motor Vehicles is stepping up efforts with police to crack down on repeat offenders. 

Thirty-five law enforcement agencies across the state will now be getting bi-monthly lists of drivers with suspended or revoked licenses. 

"Based on the information, those agencies are creating a list for their officers. So they're looking up the names, addresses, photos, vehicle descriptions of individuals in their area that are most likely to re-offend," Jessica Gonzales of the DMV said. 

Gonzales says 15 agencies signed up for the the "Hot List" when it started as a pilot project three years ago, and that number has more than doubled since -- including the addition of some local agencies.

"We do have West Sacramento PD, Sacramento Police, Placerville and Citrus Heights," she said. 

Police in Frenso, San Francisco and even the LAPD are now involved in the project and organizers hope to continue to expand its reach.