A California appeals court has denied a petition by the California High Speed Rail Authority seeking to head off a trial over whether its bullet-train plans comply with state law.

The lawsuit comes from the Kings County Board of Supervisors, a central valley farmer and a central valley resident.

It's over the new proposal of a blended system in which bullet trains would share upgraded, electrified tracks with commuter trains along part of the proposed route.

The lawsuit says this violates promises made to voters in Prop 1A including preventing the trains from reaching the ultimate mandate for a 2-hour, 40-minute nonstop ride from downtown San Francisco to Los Angeles' Union Station.

The lawsuit also claims this blended system would prevent the project from being able to run without a subsidy.

This comes after another judgement on a lawsuit from Kings County determined that the rail agency violated Prop. 1A by producing a financing plan in late 2011 that failed to meet the requirements of the ballot measure.