It's one of the most prevalent conditions affecting children. If your child hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD, you probably know a child who has. Now, a respected neurologist claims this disease doesn't exist. It's a theory that has both the medical and pharmacutical communities taking notice.

The Title of Dr. Richard Saul's new book is intriguing, "ADHD Does Not Exist"

"Absolutely, and it's a disaster.  We have one out of nine children who are diagnosed with ADHD and most of them are taking stimulant medicine.  4% of all adults and most of them are taking stimulant medicine, and my whole point is it doesn't exist as a disease.  It exists as a group of symptoms," the doctor claims.

He had practiced as a behavioral neurologist for 50  years.  Dr. Saul comes down hard on the medical community for melding various symptoms into the one-size-fits all ailment: Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder.

He adds that typical treatment, a regimen of prescription stimulants like Ritalin may do more harm than good.  The problems grouped as ADHD could be linked to benign factors like boredom or too little sleep, or serious conditions including depression, bi-polar disorder, even fatal neurological conditions and cancer.