An angry LA judge handed down sentences to two men who pleaded guilty to the 2011 beating of a Giants fan at Dodger stadium.  The fan, Bryan Stow of San Francisco, is suffering brain damage.  Judge George Lomeli sentenced 31-year-old Louis Sanchez to 8-years in prison; Marvin Norwood to 4-years.  The judge blasted both for continuing to attack Stow, even after he was already down.

"They're complete cowards when it comes to that, you don't even engage in a fair fight, you had to overtake him in that way," came the caustic comments, which continued when Sanchez smirked,

"You are the biggest nightmare for individuals that attend public events.  My son and I have season tickets to college football, and my biggest fear is we run into people like you that have no civility - and you're smiling.  You think it's funny.  No civility, no respect for individuals.  You don't respect the rights of individuals," the Judge Lomeli fumed.

Bryan Stow is now permanently disabled and confined to a wheelchair. 

Members of Stow's family say the two men who pled guilty to beating Stow outside Dodger Stadium are "despicable."  Stow's sister addressed Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez Thursday in court after they pled guilty to the Opening Day 2011 incident that left Stow in a coma and ultimately unable to care for himself.  Stow's father also spoke.

"What you both did, late in the evening in the dark at Dodger Stadium was cowardly.  We hold no hate against you, we despise you though," he said.

"No sentencing you receive will ever be long enough.  Eventually you'll be released, and Bryan's sentence is a lifetime," added Erin Collins, Stow's sitster.

The judge in the case told Norwood and Sanchez their actions were "brutal" and "cowardly."