The downtown Sacramento arena is about to get smaller, but it's just a matter of space.

Yielding to concerns from city planners and council members, the arena is being scaled down a bit to allow more breathing in the plaza on the K Street side.  

They also want to avoid pinching pedestrian traffic near the building.

According to the Sacramento Bee, designers have knocked about 15 feet off the eight-story structure's height, and eliminated most of the building's outward slant of about 20 feet at the top.

It should all be smooth sailing. That's what Mayor Kevin Johnson is saying about the next steps towards a downtown arena. He says the latest financing plans will be brought before the public in the coming weeks with a final council vote on May 13th.

"...and at that point in time we would have put all this behind us, and our focus has been laser as it relates to ground-breaking.  That's kind of been our theme, and ground-breaking will happen this September/October, so we're really pleased with where we are," siad the Mayor.

Johnson says the city is confident it can "respond" to any more obstacles that may develop. He says we've been fighting for three years and the benefit of an arena downtown is something we can all be proud of.