We're getting closer to demolition day, but the Downtown Plaza is not dead yet.

Most of the stores on the eastern side of the mall will be gone by the end of the month to make way for the new Kings arena.

There will be some survivors, though.

Scott Gilbert is moving his clothing and skate shop, Getta Clue, to the remaining west side of the plaza, he said. 

"Forever 21 will be open, the Kings store, ourselves, the movie theater," he said.

He said he is hopeful that with the condensed retail, business will stay good, he said. 

Beth Ayres-Biro with the River City Brewing Company thinks it could actually improve with the arrival of construction workers.

"They're gonna need places to go eat lunch and to have beers after work," she said. 

Leases on the west side are set to expire in December. It's unclear what happens then.

Ayres-Biro said she hopes to find out in the next couple of months she will have a better idea of how business will move forward.