The drought in California has led to a ban on fishing on parts of the American and Russian River.

The California Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to ban fishing on the American River between Nimbus Dam and Ancil Hoffman Park. 

The commission determined that fishing while the river levels are as low as they currently are is a threat to spawning fish. 

The closures are intended to protect threatened salmon and steelhead fish  their habitat continues to shrink during one of California's worst droughts in history. 

It's not just us, these closures come along with others across the state.

"We have already seen some impacts to fall run Chinook salmon in the tributaries as the rivers around the Central Valley continue to drop," said Maria Rey, who oversees federal fisheries for NOAA.

The ban will begin in about two weeks. 

Officials plan to revist the ban on April 30 to determine whether it should remain in place or be lifted.