Fix 50 is here, and with it, the backups. 

Eastbound Highway 50 traffic coming out of West Sacramento is delayed heading into Downtown Sacramento near the W-X portion of the highway and on the Tower Bridge.

Traffic backups on eastbound 50 is backed up to Harbor Boulevard in West Sacramento at 7:40 a.m. It doesn't appear that the back up will extend much past that point at this time. Delays are upward of one hour at this time. 

Drivers are exiting Highway 50 at Jefferson and trying to head into Downtown via the Tower Bridge, which is also experiencing significant delays. Stop-and-go is very prevalent. 

Extra traffic police and officials are on the scene to help deal with the mess. 

Watt Avenue and Q Street are also experience heavier than normal traffic. 

Westbound traffic is normal for commute times. Northbound traffic on I-5 and 99 are not experiencing significant delays. 

Commuters throughout the region have been warned of delays for weeks leading up to the start of the Fix 50 Project. 

Last night, the roads were restriped and rails were put up. About 25 day crew workers are on duty at this time. That number could fluctuate to as many as 70 workers depending on the day. 

If your route didn't work for you today, Caltrans officials suggest trying a different and allowing yourself even more time to arrive at your destination. 

Alternate forms of transportation, including RT and bus are suggested. Check out alternate route information here. 

Construction is expected 24 hours a day through June 25. 

PHOTOS: Fix 50 Project

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