An Elk Grove police officer is being called a hero, not for busting a bad guy but for delivering a baby. 

Officer Dan Templeton says that was the last thing he expected when he headed in to work. 

"I was flagged down by a couple in a car and right away I knew something different was going on," Templeton told News10. 

Templeton says he followed Jesse Rios back to his car and pulled into the parking lot of a tire center.

That's when he saw Jesse's wife Vanessa sitting in the backseat - and the timing could not have been better.  

"The head's already out and it was completely blue. It was the third push, but I got a good hold of the base of the head and it popped right out. And it took a second or two, but then it started breathing and crying, and I knew things would be OK," he said. 

He had some training from the police department on how to deliver a baby, but knew what to do after watching the birth of his two sons. 

The new mom and dad were taken to an area hospital, with healthy baby boy Jesiah, who weighs in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces.