Don't mess with Elk Grove. City officials are taking the state of Texas head on.

Fed up with the effort by Texas to lure away California companies and the jobs they provide, Elk Grove is fighting back.  

Mayor Gary Davis tells News10 his city has a lot of advantages over the lone star state.

"We got beautiful trails, good schools," Davis said. 

So, Elk Grove is countering ads for a Houston-based business park published in the Sacramento region with ads promoting Elk Grove placed in the Houston Business Journal.  

The ads let readers know in Texas, they like things bigger, but in Elk Grove they like everything better.

"We hope that this will generate some buzz and some excitement within the community of Houston and beyond. We also help that it will generate some dialogue here in California and the Sacramento region," he said.

Mayor Davis is betting Elk Grove can be an attractive business alternative.

See the photo here.