Powerful Southern California Democrat Ron Calderon has come out swinging after allegations of corruption were revealed in a leaked affidavit.

Through his attorney, Mark Geragos, Calderon has filed a counter motion claiming the FBI is trying to smear him by willingly releasing the 125 page affidavit of bribery allegations.

Calderon calls the affidavit illegal disinformation. He specifically singles out U.S. Attorney Douglas Miller, who also handled the Lance Armstrong doping case, accusing the high profile prosecutor of engaging in character assassination through leaks to the media.  

This comes despite new calls for him to resign, this time from Assemblymember Cristina Garcia.

"We ask him today to look within himself, to look at what is best for the people who he represents and make the right decision and resign his office," Garcia said. 

Calderon also claims the FBI tried to get him to wear a wire to record conversations with Senate Leader Darryl Steinberg and Senator Kevin DeLeon.

In response, Senate President Steinberg released a statement calling Calderon's allegation pure fantasy.