Environmental activists are expected to let their angry voices be heard today, saying oil and rail companies are putting their neighborhood in danger. 

The protests in Sacramento and Davis are focusing on the Valero Refining Company and their plan to launch twice-a-day crude oil train shipments through both cities and Roseville. 

The protests are planned to coincide with the anniversary of a crude oil train crash and explosion that killed 47 people in Canada.

Sacramento Assemblymember Roger Dickinson is scheduled to speak at today's event.  

"People look at the increasing volume, we've gone from 45,000 barrels a year in 2008 to 6 million barrels a year last year of crude oil passing through," he said. 

The Davis City Council passed a resolution saying it opposes running the trains on the existing downtown Davis rail line. 

Oil and railroad industry officials say 99.9 percent of crude oil shipments nationally make it to their destination safely.