Mystery and suspense come to life in Midtown and it is up to you to find the key to get you and your friends to safety.

This new hands-on, experience entertainment has caught on big time in other large cities, so the man behind Escape Sacramento, Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent, decided his neighborhood needed one of its own.

So Rodriguez-Torrent says he has taken an old Chiropractor's office and converted it to "The Study" and "The Gallery" rooms where groups of six or seven people are locked with a one hour clock ticking.

"The owner of the study has left a note that hints at where I should go next the clock on the wall it sticks to a certain time and there are a couple of locked drawers, and I'm kind of trying to figure out what the room is trying to tell me, and my group is working together to try to get out before the clock runs out," Rodriguez-Torrent said.

There is actually an emergency exit in case you need to hit the restroom or you just have to get out.

Rodriguez-Torrent says in addition to a fun night out with your friends, it is often also used as a team-building activity for co-workers.

Just in time for Halloween, KFBK's Ryan Harris took on the challenge to find his way out: 

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