A day after we learned that ESPN Magazine ranked the Sacramento Kings "The worst franchise in professional sports," the writer who compiled the report visited exclusively with KFBK's Joe Michaels.

ESPN's Peter Keating says it's basically a ranking of teams according to how much they give back to their fans -- who are the ones surveyed in 25 categories including their like of players, the arena and social media engagement.

"The Kings finished last by a huge margin in stadium experience, they also finished last in fan relations, and last in rating their own players -- in terms of how likeable players are, how hard working, and whether they give their best effort," Keating said.

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The magazine's senior writer says, while voting was done in May and early June, just as the team sale was going through, the ranking is still relevant in that it shows just how much work new ownership has to do.

"I think fans have a huge, hugely new hope that the team is headed in the right direction," Keating said.