After a 27-year-old Merced man was arrested for bringing a 14-year-old Connecticut girl he met online to Sacramento. Many parents may be wondering how to prevent a similar situation from happening in their home.

Psychology Professor and family therapist Erin Ambrose says too many parents aren't willing to be confrontational with their children when it comes to social media.

"It's not intrusive to want to protect your child," she said.

Ambrose, who teaches psychology at William Jessup University, says it's OK to know your children's passwords, and to look into the apps and sites they are using -- noting that children physically aren't ready to make good choices.

"You're putting too much of an expectation on them. They really don't have the brain capacity to do that. That's why they need parents to step in and to monitor," she said.

KFBK's Mike Simpson had a chance to speak with Ambrose, and this is what she had to say about keeping your kids safe on the Internet: