Crank up the A/C and break out the iced tea, the heat today could set a record.

We're expecting another day of triple-digit highs in the Sacramento region.

"The record for downtown Sacramento is 103 and we're forecasting a high of 105," said David Rowe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

And while Rowe says it's not unheard of to hit 100 this time of year in Sacramento, the forecasted high for today is about 20 degrees above average for Sacramento in early June.

Air quality is also going to be in the unhealthy range for people with breathing issues.  

Sensitive groups are advised to stay indoors today, and drivers are being asked to reduce the number trips they make to ease the pollution problem. 

The poor air worsened by the heat, which experts say pushes the bad air down closer to the surface.

"If you have outdoor activities try to complete those early in the day, and then just try to take it easy through the hottest part of the day," Rowe said. 

That includes staying well hydrated; and checking on the elderly and others whose health may make them more susceptible to the heat.

The heat is expected to continue for another day or two in the Sacramento area.  Triple digit will be accompanied by poor air quality locally. In fact, today is a Spare the Air day in Sacramento.