Cops in tactical gear invaded a Fairfield neighborhood hot on the trail of a drive-by gunman.  

Gunshots rang out in the quiet neighborhood around Clay Bank and Sanderling.  

A man was shot by a man in another vehicle. The victim ended up crashing his car.

As for the shooter, he made a break for it on foot.

Sgt. Matt Bloesch with the Fairfield Police Department told News10 another victim was found.  

"We did locate a second gun shot victim a little farther from the scene, so we set up a perimeter and started figuring out what was going on," Bloesch said. 

Police hit the neighborhood hard searching for the shooter.  

They finally caught up with him jumping back yard fences. He was arrested.  

The victims both had life-threatening gunshot wounds and were taken to area hospitals.  

An investigation into the shootings remains under way.