A Fairfield man is under arrest for allegedly possessing child porn and for taking pictures of area children. 

A man snapping pictures of kids playing around his apartment on Dana Drive in Fairfield caught the attention of one young girl.  

News10 spoke with Lily about the man.  

"He bit his lip when he talked to me. He always smiled at me. And I really thought he was really creepy," she said.

A parent called police to report what was going on.  

Twenty minutes later, police arrived and went to the door of 53-year-old Eric Schroeder.  

Lily's mother Sarah Bayless describes how police found Schroeder when he opened the door.  

"He was naked when the police showed up," she said. 

Police arrested Schroeder on the spot, got a search warrant and later found child porn on three computers in his home, police said.  

Photo: Fairfield Police Department