Fast food workers say they're tired of the way they're treated by employers like Jack-in-the-Box, where there was a strike this afternoon.  There was another strike this morning at a McDonald's.

Marchers carrying banners and signs making it clear they want more.

"We do not make enough money to live off of, so I'm here to change that," one protester said.

Specifically, the McDonald's worker from the Pocket area of Sacramento marching at the restaurant on the corner of Arden and Howe for a $15 per hour minimum wage and the ability to unionize without fear of retaliation.  Some customers are less than supportive.

"Oh yeah, I don't believe in unions, I think they're one of the worst things happening in America," one man said.

"$15 an hour?  Minimum wage?  That's kind of a lot..." another woman said.

This "Day of Global Action" reportedly is being observed by workers in 33 countries.