Fire officials now say nearly a dozen people are being treated for injuries after an explosion this morning at an animal food plant in Omaha, Nebraska. The Associated Press has reported fatalities, but an exact number is not known at this time. 

Worker Jamar White says he was very lucky to get out.

"I just heard a 'crack, pop' and a big ball of fire. And I was in the back, and I just took off running as soon as I heard the first crack. That's all I could really do, just get out of the way," he said. 

Two of the victims were reported to be in critical condition. Some of the 38 people working at the International Nutrition plant at the time of today's accident remain unaccounted for.

Rescue crews have been unable to enter the structure which remains unstable following its partial collapse. At least one firefighter is among those injured.

PHOTOS: Explosion at Omaha Plant