The FBI says a nationwide sweep has recovered 168 victims of child sex trafficking, including three in Sacramento.

Agents launched stings in more than 100 cities last week, arresting the alleged pimps of minors who, in some cases, are in their early teens.

"A lot of the work that we do is off the Internet," Derek Stigert with the Sacramento Police Department said. 

vStigert says this was the eighth largest operation of its kind, but these cases are seen every day.

"This is not happening in some far away land, in some third-world country. This is happening right here in our communities," Special Agent in Charge Monica Miller said. 

Miller says her division is ranked in the top ten when it comes to numbers.

In Sacramento, Solano and Fresno Counties, nine minors were recovered and seven alleged pimps arrested.

Thirty-two minors have been found so far this year.

Map courtesy of the FBI.