The patient being tested for Ebola at a Sacramento hospital is considered low risk, California Department of Public Health officials said.

Dr. Gil Chavez, Deputy Director for the Center for Infectious Diseases, said blood samples have been drawn from the patient at Kaiser Permanente south and sent to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Dr. Chavez says currently, there are no reports of high-risk Ebola patients in California. He characterized the Sacramento patient as "low risk."

The Centers for Disease Control reportedly says there are only two confirmed U.S. cases of Ebola so far, but they also say there are about half a dozen patients samples that have been, or will be, tested.  

That includes the patient at the Kaiser facility in South Sacramento. 

That particular sample has not been received by the CDC just yet, but officials believe it is highly unlikely it will test positive for Ebola.

County health officials are declining to comment on whether this patient may have come in contact with others at the Sacramento Airport, local stores, coffee shops or other locations.