Want to make Valentine's Day particularly wonderful for some kids who need your help? 

Then fill the boots of our area firefighters who will be out today through President's Day on Monday in the Sunrise Mall area. Sacramento Fire Captain Mike Feyh says they need your change to help the Firefighters Burn Institute.

"Been in Sacramento here for 40 years now, we sponsor camps for kids, little heroes camp for preschool kids, a lot of programs we do throughout the year, and this is one of our big fundraisers to support all that," said the Captain.

Plus, Mike and firefighter Forrest Rowell are already up in a bucket, where they'll stay for the next four days to raise as much money as they can.

"Forrest and I will be and we actually moved the bucket over to the Sunrise Mall a little bit so sometimes you'll see us hanging there over the street and stuff too.  Stop by and wave to us, drop a little money in the boot and we'll appreciate you coming out!" said Feyh.

Other fire departments in Northern California will be out as well. 

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