Investigators say a final ping from the missing Malaysian airliner could give them a clue into the fate of the jet. A partial transmission came from Malaysia Flight 370 eight minutes after the last complete transmission was received. The company which operates the satellite that received the "partial ping" said that it may have been a failed attempt by the aircraft's on-board system to reset itself, but added that it was not sent by a human.  

The search for debris from the missing plane has resumed over the south Indian Ocean. Bad weather and rough seas prompted an early end to the search on Tuesday. A total of six countries are now assisting in what is now a search and recovery operation.  An Australian warship is closing in on an area where there may be remnants of the plane. The search site is about 15-hundred miles from Australia's western coast. It's an area of deep, rough seas and strong winds. 

Family members of those believed lost on the missing plane are accusing Malaysia of a campaign of delays and deception in the response to the disappearance of Flight 370. Dozens of them tried to storm the Malaysian embassy in Beijing Tuesday and clashed with police.